Eudora St

2517 Eudora St gave accredited investors the opportunity to participate in a co-development project led by Byson Investments and Smith & Meade homebuilders.

This project consisted of purchasing an existing 3,400sqft single-family home on a double lot in Denver's highly sought-after Park Hill neighborhood. After subdividing the lot, and leaving the renovation of the existing structure as a project for Smith & Meade to complete separately, Byson Investments maintained a position in the new development project and was rewarded with a land basis of $400,000 which is $162,500 less than the appraised land value.

Byson Investments structured this offering to allow equity investors the unique opportunity to invest in a new development with a 24-month timeline.

Acquisition Date: 9/17/2020

Disposition Date: 4/11/2022

Investors were paid back 100% of their equity in month 9. Profits were distributed in month 20 upon delivery.

Due to this accelerated payback schedule, equity investors received an IRR of 38.2%