A Brief Guide to Buying Your First Home

A Brief Guide to Buying Your First Home

  • Byson Real Estate Co.
  • 03/16/21

Buying a home can be complicated, especially if you’ve never purchased before. Beginning any new process is always the hardest part, but knowing exactly where to start is key to optimizing your time and positioning you for success. We’ve made it a little easier by detailing the initial steps to take towards owning your first home, and when you get to step 4, reach out to schedule a consultation with us.

1. Define Your Criteria

Everyone values different aspects of a home, so it’s important to be clear on what your specific must-have characteristics and amenities are. Is location of the utmost importance, or would you move farther for a space you truly love? Perhaps you need a light-filled home or want to be near top-rated schools. Rate criteria based on importance so you know what’s negotiable and what’s a dealbreaker when you begin viewing listings.

2. Get Pre-Approved

Knowing your financial standing and available price range will help you define your search as you begin looking at properties. Once you find your dream home you’ll want to act fast to secure it, and being pre-approved expedites the process so you won’t miss out waiting on your bank.

3. Gather Savings for a Down Payment

You’ve most likely been saving up for this life-changing purchase, but depending on your finances, it may not be crystal clear just how much money you have at your disposal for a down payment. The amount of cash you offer a seller can help make or break a sale, so be sure to know exactly how much you can offer upfront.

4. Consult a Professional

Real estate agents exist for a reason: to help you navigate the market and unfamiliar processes, and to ensure you lockdown the place that’s right for you. Our team has the drive and local market know-how to do just that, with a data-driven approach coupled with a client-first mentality. No matter where you are in your process, get in touch and allow us to guide you through purchasing your first home.

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