Easy Interior Hacks to Help Raise Your Asking Price

Easy Interior Hacks to Help Raise Your Asking Price

  • Byson Real Estate Co.
  • 07/15/21

Optimizing your home’s charm and value before listing it for rent or sale is crucial to maximizing return. To make the process as easy as possible, we’ve gathered five simple and fail-safe home improvement secrets that help uplift any space and get you more bang for your buck:

1. Paint with Modern, Neutral Colors

Still eating in a red dining room circa ten years ago? Or maybe your office is the purple your kid chose back when it was their bedroom. We all like to make our home our own, but showing it to strangers is all about helping them envision ours as theirs. Switching to neutral colors that complement each space and don’t distract a potential buyer’s attention can help modernize the look and feel of your place so everything feels a little newer. This simple renovation will upgrade your home and provide more value than the cost of doing so.

2. Professionally Clean and Declutter

A deep clean can take years of wear and tear off a well-loved interior and while you may be proud of your scouring skills, there really is no match for professional cleaning services. Afterward, declutter your space so as to not to distract a viewer’s attention and to help them start thinking of it as their own. Make a list of small mends and fixes needed, and if you begin to get overwhelmed, remember there are decluttering services you can turn to for help.

3. Curb Appeal

Good curb appeal is known to add value to a home and provide prospective buyers with a positive association of such. With that said, ensure your landscaping looks professional and the siding of your home is power washed. In addition, give your front door a fresh coat of paint in a color that catches the eye. You want buyers to be encouraged to walk inside when they come to your open house. So, do your due diligence outside and give those homebuyers the best first impression possible.

4. Enlist Home Staging Experts

If you know some of your current furniture is too old to show and will detract from the perceived value of your property, or you have to move and take it all with you before you sell, professional home staging and furniture rental services are your answer. We partner with Feather furniture rental to help provide this new home feel, offering everything from single pieces to whole room packages on flexible, tailored plans.

5. Scent It for Success

Ensuring your home smells good without overpowering a potential renter or buyer is one key to maximizing your asking price as it has an unconsciously positive effect on a person’s memory. After completing the first step of a professional clean to help snuff out any lingering odors, choose a candle or essential oil and diffuser in a clean light scent and strategically place it throughout your space. Keep it simple with citruses like orange or lemon, herbs like basil and thyme, or a faint woodsy smell like pine or cedar that will help invite in anyone viewing your property.

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